Ex-Crypto company offers a set of services

We have created a range of products that will help your
use cryptocurrencies as easy as email.


Our trading platform is fast and easy to use. You can trade anywhere, from any device.

Allows you buy, keep and use cryptocurrencies as easy as managing your email.
Provides Cryptocurrency Payment Processing services for shop and e-Business with automatic exchange to Bitcoin or USD.
Multisig technologies
We see the feature of our Services in integration with Multisig Technologies for Cryptocurrencies. Our first such service is coming soon.

Our company

Over the past few years our economic system has been constantly changing, introducing more and more innovations. We consider 'cryptocurrency' a new attractive tool that already started influencing the economy and structure of the World.
We are pleased to introduce you a new and unique «Ex-Crypto» company. Our company will gather as much relevant cryptocurrency platform services as possible.

High Security Level
We provide high security environment with best technologies in all services. Learn More
Our support team works hard and help you 24/7/365.
We work for our users!
Easy to use, avaiable on all platforms
To start using our services you need to create an account and review Getting Started page from any device: mobile phone, pad, tablet, TV, desktop, etc.
Free with prompt verification process
All our services are provided with absolutely free registration process, and do not require complex verification to get started.

Our company

uses the best proven practices in its work.

InSide control

When hiring new employees, we ensure that our candidates did not have previous criminal records.


We use the best proven anti-DDOS services.

IntraNET Security

We have a certain group of employees, who supervise support and exchange security in online mode.

High assurance level

Soon we will add a new option to all our services: the ability to back up your cryptocurrency wallets to paper to avoid any risks with cloud storage.

Ex-Crypto Trading Platform Roadmap

Fiat money (the project status will be changed to 'released' after having finished testing), new cryptocurrencies and pairs, voting system, automated trading, and more surprising functions! New functions with multisignature addresses technology.


Ex-Wallet roadmap

We are developing a new service, working as your personal bank, processing different cryptocurrencies with one-click exchange possibility! Send and receive money easily, without any limitations! This will be a reliable service to store your cryptocurrency without cramming your computer or other device with unnecessary software. The service will also eliminate the risk os losing money as a result of hardware failure. High anonymity level is secured too - only email will be required to sstart using it.

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Ex-Pays Roadmap

We are developing a new service that processes your cryptocurrency payments for you. One of its main features will be automatic exchange to Bitcoin or USD. Cryptocurrency major features - no changeback and no limitations - will be kept untouched: you will be able to received $100,000 as easily as $0.0001 from any country. This service is to help individuals and e-Business accept payments, and increase the number of clients in crypto economy!

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Two-Factor Authentication is the best way to protect your account from hacking.
we use hardware firewalls to allow only authorised access to a specific port.
Web Application Firewall scans all incoming web-traffic traffic.
Consists of IPS and IDS, removing all vulnerabilities.
Browsers check
Browser Integrity Check improves security level.
IntraNET Security
Responsive Web Design is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience.
Code signing
We use digital sign for all certificated to production code.
And additions
Some of our modules improve the overal security level.