What is Ex-Crypto?

Ex-Crypto is a few of services that makes using digital money fast, easy and free.
We're a next-generation financial service. Ex-Crypto trading platform designed for quick and easy cryptocurrencies and fiat conversion.
With Ex-Crypto Trading Platform, you can flip back and forth from bitcoin to any of enabled cryptocurrencies - litecoin, dimecoin, xtracoin, weed tokens and some other soon. We provide instant, low-cost currency conversions.
The Ex-Crypto exchange opened on April 14th, 2014 and since then has seen rapid growth in both customer base and trade volume.
We provide a safe, simple, and efficient environment for users to trade crypto-currencies with each other.

Is Ex-Crypto a free service?

Deposit and storing cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin, Litecoin, DimeCoin, XTRAcoin, Weed Tokens) to anyone in the world is 100 percent free. If you send bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) to a non-Member, you will pay a Bitcoin Network Fee of 0.001-0.0001 bitcoin (this is not a fee charged by Ex-Crypto).
We charge a small commission when you convert bitcoin to other currency, as well as when you convert one cryptocurrency to another crypto or fiat currency. You can exchange cryptocurerncies and fiat safely and instantly but with small fee (not more 0.2%).
We commit to always be transparent with regard to our rates and the commissions we charge for bitcoin and other conversions.
Read more about our conversion rates.

What currencies does Ex-Crypto support?

With Ex-Crypto, you can choose to convert bitcoin into any of other cryptocurrencies - Litecoin, Dimecoin, XTRAcoin, Weed Tokens. You can also choose to hold and transfer value as bitcoin or other crypto. Soon we enable US Dollar and Euro pairs.

Is my bitcoin safe in Ex-Crypto?

Yes. We take a holistic approach to security at Ex-Crypto, applying the best practices and technologies to every aspect of our systems, products, installations, networks and people.
For your safety, we don't publish the specifics of our security measures, but our senior management's experience building and running safe and resilient companies is our best defense against bad actors and other risks.
Ex-Crypto executives have been responsible for the success of dozens of organizations that depend on safeguarding information, money and other stores of value.
Please review the Ex-Crypto User Agreement for risks related to holding bitcoinand other currencies at Ex-Crypto.

What are your conversion rates?

We're committed to driving costs down to the greatest extent possible for our members worldwide. The only cost Ex-Crypto adds to any transaction is to exchange value from one form to another.
Because we act as the counterparty for all bitcoin to crypto and fiat conversions, we can keep our costs low. In all other circumstances, moving value within Ex-Crypto is 100% free. Bitcoin Network Fee of 0.001-0.0001 bitcoin (this is not a fee charged by Ex-Crypto).
Our current exchange rates are: 0.2% for all pairs.

Is Ex-Crypto a bank? What does it mean to maintain a full reserve?

Banks make money by loaning out your deposits for interest. This system is called fractional reserve banking. The obligations a bank has to its depositors do not match the assets the bank holds, since most of those assets are in the form of loans made to generate revenue for the bank. That works fine, as long as everyone pays back their loans and not all depositors withdraw all their money at the same time.
Ex-Crypto is not a bank. We create digital versions of the money you use every day by maintaining a full reserve of real-world currencies. That means for every crypto or fiat currency in a Member's wallet, Ex-Crypto holds a real dollar, euro, bitcoin, litecoin and other. Our business model doesn't depend on making loans with the value that enters Ex-Crypto.
Because we maintain a full reserve of real-world currencies and publish a real-time, verifiable proof of solvency, you can always be sure that your value is safe.

How is my bank account information protected?

Ex-Crypto does not yet connect directly to any member's bank account. We are exclusively a bitcoin-in and bitcoin-out company. Regardless of this fact, we take great care to protect all of our members' private information and follow all industry best practices with regards to information security.

How is Ex-Crypto transparent?

Most bitcoin companies don't tell you what they are doing with the bitcoin you send them. Most banks are equally opaque regarding what they do with customer deposits. Ex-Crypto is different - we publish a real-time record of all transfers of value into, within, and out of Ex-Crypto. Our services has the transparency and traceability of the Bitcoin Network's blockchain, providing an accurate and continuously updated record of our financial obligations to our Members.
Our system's transparency does not impact our Members privacy. We do not divulge personal identifying information about our Members unless required by law. What you do with your bitcoin and other currencies is your business. What we do with it is everyone's business.

Does Ex-Crypto accept fiat deposits?

Coming soon. We test this functions now in private. Public users can trade USD, but they can't Deposit or WithDraw USD. We workhard for secure fiat process.

How does Ex-Crypto make money?

We're about driving costs down and dialing convenience up. We do not charge fees or commissions for value sent between Ex-Crypto Members or between Ex-Crypto Members and non-Members.
We charge a small commission for conversions of bitcoin to other currencies, as well as for conversions of one currency to another currency. We are committed to always being transparent with regard to our conversion rates and commissions so that Ex-Crypto Members can easily determine the cost and value of the services we provide.