Getting started

To start working

You need to log in to Ex-Crypto account.

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To start trading you need some coins or fiat money on account.

Deposit cryptocurrencies on your Ex-Crypto account is free! Just click and add coins to your account wallets!

Select Market

Which you are interested in to start trading crypto.

Learn Market

With our graphs you can easily view market price dynamics in intervals ranging from 1 minute to 1 day.

You can also select specific dates and visual intervals.

Place orders

Orders are offers to buy or sell any currency at fixed price.

Monitor activities

See current proposals to predict market behavior.

Also pane shows your own orders with bold.

More control options

See market behavior with completed transactions.

Manage your orders

View your current positions and manage them.

Also you can select several orders for deleting.

Monitor your own history

Placed order can be executed, while you rest. View the history of your executed orders for more information.


Use popular or your own trading strategies.

More open orders bring more executed orders.

More trading bring more money!

Remember: With Ex-Crypto you can trade anywhere on any device!

Trade API for your bots: coming soon

Withdraw your funds

Enjoy your money income and keep trading ;)

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